Good SEO Article Writing

Learn the purpose of SEO article writing. Search engine optimization helps in increasing web traffic to a website. The site’s ranking is moved higher. A highly ranked site features on the results generated by a search engine. Such a site is bound to attract a user’s attention.

Choose a topic. This is the theme of the article or what you are writing about. It could be healthcare, family life, law and many others. Do not be anxious about which title to give your article. It will come after you have completed the article.

Develop content that interests people who surf the Internet The articles should provide information in a simple way. The style of writing is like the way you would talk to someone seated next to you. Do not use words that are difficult to understand. Make use of simple vocabulary. SEO article writing is not meant to be a forum where people compete to show off their English. However, ensure the words are correctly spelled and the rules of grammar adhered to.

Avoid plagiarism. This arises when you copy another person’s work word by word and purport to show it as yours. Use articles written by others to develop your own content. If your articles are too similar to others the search engine will treat that as duplicate text. Writers are supposed to be creative. Come up with your own stuff or paraphrase from other articles.

After completion, read through your work carefully. Remove any errors such as typos and grammatical mistakes. Viewers of your content may doubt the credibility of a website if there are too many mistakes. Polish up the article by ensuring there is a smooth flow of ideas. Each paragraph should address a different idea and all paragraphs should contribute positively to the topic under consideration.

Joomla or WordPress For Website


WordPress is known for its straightforward approach and simple user interface. WordPress powered site can be used by anyone with minimal technical expertise. It is user-friendly with most menus, navigation options within a hand’s reach. Similarly, there are no as such hard and fast rules of using Joomla. It features a comprehensive control panel that lets users or website owners to manage all modules from one place.

Flexibility and customisation potential

When it comes to comparing WordPress plugins with that of Joomla’s extensions, the latter is definitely a winner. While there are 12,000+ plugins available in WordPress, Joomla has a whopping number of 6000 extensions. Thus, Joomla offers better flexibility to when it is about customizing a site to meet up to the requirements of clients.


While both the softwares have high-end security and can assist the owners to respond to all vulnerabilities in the security, Joomla has more advanced extensions to offer for creating backups and supports only authorised access. It has dual options to force connections and over SSL and 2FA, on the dashboard and also has its own extensive extensions for security. Used by a huge number of big brand and companies, Joomla is no doubt a more reliable framework.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In the aspect SEO, both the platforms are advanced capabilities. However, Joomla slightly outruns WordPress in this front too. It offers the option to the website owners or developers to set Meta descriptions as well as keywords. Joomla’s Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO) empowers them to carry out different SEO related tasks directly on the front-end like editing meta details.

Good Business Website

If your website is not properly developed and if it lacks features, it then won’t be able to reach to the target audience in a desired manner. That’s why, having a good website for the business becomes important as it takes a lot of effort on a regular basis to get the attention of users.

So, what is a good business website? Well, a good business website is one that is easy to read and simple to understand for users. All its content should be visible and legible and this is only possible when right colour combination is used. Similarly, there has to be a proper formatting of the images and content so that they get read easily by the users they are meant to serve. Similarly, the site must be easy to navigate with all the important links at the top. All links should be visible so that users don’t have any problem in locating them.

What’s more, a good business website is one that should be comfortably viewed across devices. It must deliver a consistent look-and-feel across devices, be it tablets, mobile or desktop. In addition, mobile users should access every aspect of the website in the same manner as those from desktop or other devices do with ease. That apart, the site should not take more than 2-3 seconds to load and if it does take more, then it can’t be a good website for sure. And dead links should never be present on your website and if they do, it will harm your website’s reputation for sure.

Furthermore, businesses need a website that is cross-browser and multi-device compatible so that it can deliver more prospects. Apart from being easy for users, your website should also be friendly to search engines. Which means, the site’s development work must have been done keeping SERPs in mind. Not doing the same means either your website will need a massive effort in gaining visibility on search engines or it will have to live an anonymous existence. Your website should have answers for all the questions and doubts users generally have. Having FAQs will help in this regard as herein, you can answer those frequently asked question in a right sequence.

First Time Webmaster

  • De-construct To Construct – Yep, it sounds dumb, I know. The point is this, there is no reason to start off with a blank page if you want to learn how to build a huge and complicated page. Just barrow somebody elses work and see how they did it and then make your own. It is much easier to understand many web concepts when you can see them in practice, so don’t be afraid to look at many different examples of code and templates.
  • Use Web Standards – If you do not already know what web standards are, do some research and start using them today. This will not only assure cross browser compatibility, but his will also make sure that your web creations will work with future online technologies for years to come.
  • Videos Multiply Your Learning Experience – Yes, videos can give you the best of both worlds and excellerate your webmaster training in many cases. Don’t discount free webmaster training video as an educational tool. Use sites like YouTube and 5min to your advantage. They are free after all!
  • Ask For Help – Other more experienced webmasters love to help the new guy. Don’t be afraid to ask people how they did something on their site or visit webmaster forums to get the help you need.
  • Use Visual Editors – Learning to code from notepad used to be something to brag about, now it is something that is laughed at. I actually learned HTML in notepad and the only thing I have to show for it is hours of wasted time. Grab a free visual editor like NVU and then you can flip back and forth or even view the code and output simultaneously, there is nothing as powerful as being able to view these two separate screens!